7D Proje Geliştirme Mimarlık Mühendislik Danışmanlık A.Ş. company is designed to address lack of the significant issue about creation of added value in project development, architecture, engineering and consulting services.

7D; is founded with a supracompetitive conception that has a multi-disciplinary, sharing, appreciating fund of knowledge, respectful, ethical, structure with a strong belief in corporate organization and teamwork with ready to share the contribution of renowned foreign and local project partners having vast experience in its projects. 7D not by battling competitors but making competition irrelevant and create VALUE LEAP for its CLIENTS. Consequently it is a PIONEERING company in creating a NEW and UNCONTENTIOUS market domain.

7D has been founded on these base values and will proceed to its targets resolutely in line with this philosophy. This philosophy represents the most significant characteristic of 7D in adding value to its CLIENTS that will be protected by the founders and all company members.

With this approach our principal objective is to support our CLIENTS in the projects that will add great value to them.

7D, has presented a new dimension of value engineering to the market by raising the value that is created as the result of all studies that starts with project development studies handled with the professional experience of past 35 years, continued with master plan and concept studies and finally by combining them with economics of the project, carrying it even further with correct planning.

Knowledge is as precious as it is shared…

7D exists to present its professional experience and add value to the projects of our valued CLIENTS.

With love and respect,
Founder, CEO
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